Brazoria County student tested for measles returns to school

Measles virus particle
Measles virus particle (CDC via Getty Images)

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – There has been a suspected case of measles from a Brazoria County middle school student.

County officials said a student showed signs of the measles, but the case is not lab confirmed. Officials said the student has recovered and returned back to school.

The measles is a very contagious viral disease that develops in stages.

What are the signs of the measles?

1.) A mild to moderate fever with a runny nose, cough and red eyes for the first few days

2.) Three to four days later, a red blotchy rash appears on the face and quickly spreads all over the body. Fever may spike to 104 Fahrenheit.

3.) Measles can last for 10 days and is contagious for three to four days before and after rash appears.

4.) A person is at high risk to develop pneumonia while having the virus.

Officials said children and adults who are not vaccinated for the measles are at a higher risk to catch the virus.

What to do if you have the measles?

Seek medical attention immediately.

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