Rifle listed among items at raffle for high school seniors

Senior class has sold more than 400 raffle tickets

(GMG) – As part of an effort to raise money for a drug- and alcohol-free graduation party, parents of the senior class at an Oregon high school are hosting a raffle.

Among the items they’re raffling off? Tickets for a hunting rifle.

Some people said the item is inappropriate and insensitive, considering the recent mass shootings in the United States.

But one parent contended that this type of fundraiser isn’t new -- and other sports programs have done the same thing in the past.

The senior class has sold more than 400 raffle tickets, a school employee said.

Tickets are being sold for $5, and you have to be at least 21 years old to win -- and go through a background check.
If the raffle is for a good cause, this shouldn’t be a problem, supporters said.
"I think this gun raffle is a good idea,” Josh Joseph said. “I think more people should have guns. It would probably cut down on crime. If everyone had a gun … I think people wouldn't try any crime."
The TV station KTVZ tried contacting the high school principal and superintendent to see if there are any guidelines when it comes to raising money for school activities. Their calls and emails were not returned.

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