Free cemetery tours take snapshot of Houston history

HOUSTON – It might seem kind of spooky and a tad morbid, but it's a snapshot of Houston history. 

Mister McKinney, who runs Mister McKinney's Historic Houston, is nuts about the past and he’s sharing his knowledge with anyone who will listen.

His tour called Titans and Tycoons: A Legacy Tour is the brainchild of council member Robert Gallegos.  It's a way to honor the dead by celebrating what they did when they were alive.

“When it comes to folks that made Houston great in the 1920s, '30s, '40s, '50s those folks are actually buried here," McKinney said.

Perusing the tombstones, visitor will learn things like, Kirby Drive isn't just a street and
John Henry Kirby was the father of industrial Texas.

 “He owned more lumber yards than anyone else in the state,” McKinney said.

Students said they could definitely see more of their friends hopping on board in the weeks to come.

 “It’s really cool understanding how this came to be, how the city grew,” Mae Bennet said.

The free tour is available each weekend in the month of November.