Astros fans try to beat the heat ahead of game

LOS ANGELES – Along with the World Series, the heat is the main topic of discussion in Los Angeles as temperatures soar into the triple digits in Southern California. 

“This is unseasonably warm it's really hot, so the Astros brought the heat to LA for sure,” said Jennifer Alvarado, an Astros fan who lives in LA. 

Alvarado and her family are originally from Houston. She moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago, and has stayed a Houston sports fan since. 

She can see part of Dodger Stadium from her home that sits on top of a hill. 

"Before we switched leagues, I saw a few Astros games here in LA when the Astros played the Dodgers here, so I've seen them here, but once they did that switch, I knew we would have to wait for the World Series for them to meet again, so this is a pretty awesome opportunity,” Alvarado said. 

Thanks to a friend, Alvarado will get to witness Game 2 of the World Series inside Dodger Stadium. 

“I was able to get it for $200, I know so lucky, I know how much those tickets are going for too, so it's insane, I can't even believe it,” Alvarado said.

Her nephew, Genaro, wasn’t as lucky 

“No, I did not get a good deal like Jennifer did. I paid what everyone is going to pay. It's four digits per ticket, not fun,” Genaro said. “But it would be worth it because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for Houston to go to the World Series  in Los Angeles.”

Genaro also lives in Los Angeles but grew up watching the Astros in the Astrodome.

“I grew up watching Nolan Ryan pitching, watching Jose Cruz out there on the field, I remember being a little kid going to the Astrodome with my dad, and you know America's great pastime, it was wonderful,” said Genaro in his throwback Astro’s jersey. 

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