Mother seeking to reunite with strangers who helped her during travel nightmare


A Texas woman is searching for the generous strangers who helped her get through a travel nightmare on Friday the 13th.

Sarah Wilson was traveling on an early morning Delta flight from Atlanta to Houston with her daughter Adrienne when things started unraveling.

“Adrienne was hungry. She was tired. She was bored. I needed coffee,” Wilson wrote in a Facebook post detailing her ordeal.

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The air conditioning wasn’t working properly at the airport that day, and the terminal was hot and packed with people.

“I was getting overwhelmed with a loud, fussy, messy baby in such a crowded space and feeling the judgmental stares. That’s when Adrienne projectile vomited not once, but THREE times all over my chest, hair, lap, shoes, herself, and the floor we were sitting on,” Wilson continued.

Cue the strangers who came to Wilson’s rescue -- three women rushed up and started helping.

With no clothes to change into, as they were all in Wilson’s checked luggage, one woman gave the struggling mother a white shirt from her bag.

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Another cleaned the puke off the floor with napkins while Wilson put the things she was using to entertain her daughter back in her bags.

A third held baby Adrienne while Wilson cleaned up.

“Once boarding started I couldn’t find any of these women. I have no idea whose white shirt I’m wearing right now, but I am so thankful there was such an amazing group of women with hearts of gold that helped me survive today,” Wilson wrote.

A little kindness goes a long way, and now, Wilson is looking to find the incredible women who helped her on her journey to Houston.

Read her full story in the Facebook post below.

**Edited to Add: It was Delta flight 2111 from Atlanta to Houston and it would be incredibly cool if I could find these...

Posted by Sarah Wilson on Friday, October 13, 2017

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