Skateboarder in hospital, driver at large after hit-and-run caught on camera

Dash cam video captures woman run over and dragged before car speeds off

SAN ANTONIO – Ashley Martinez doesn't remember the crash, just skating and then the ambulance.

"Like they stuck in the needles in me and that's like when I guess woke up and started feeling everything," she said.

Martinez, 21, was skating with her boyfriend on De Zavala Road near the Interstate 10 access road Wednesday when she was run over and dragged by a car pulling out of a private drive she was crossing. The driver stopped as Martinez came out from under the car, but quickly sped off.

Another driver's dash cam caught the entire crash.

"I was crying after. It was horrible watching it," Martinez said of the video.

Martinez's boyfriend, Alex Ruiz, was ahead of her on his own skateboard. He said he looked back and saw it happen.

As the car accelerates away with Martinez underneath, Ruiz can be seen in the video sprinting after it. He reaches it just after Martinez appears again, and the driver stops.

Ruiz said the driver and his passenger were both men.

"I was banging on the window telling them, 'Hey, you ran over my girlfriend. Please get out of the car,' you know? And they kind of just looked me in the eyes and went on their way," Ruiz said.

Martinez remains at University Hospital with injuries including more than a dozen fractures and plenty of road rash. 

She was scheduled for a skin graft surgery Saturday night for her hip, which she described as "totally gone. It's like completely skinned off — a chunk of meat off."

Martinez hopes she will get out of the hospital soon, but she faces a six to eight week recovery process.

In the meantime, the driver is still out there.

"I just want him to say 'sorry.' Like I don't really care. I just want him to say sorry because he did acknowledge it and drove off," Martinez said.

However, a crash report says a witness was able to get the car's license plate number. It also indicates the driver and passenger could face charges of failure to stop and render aid.

When KSAT 12 ran the license plate number, public records indicate the car is owned by a woman.

San Antonio Police say there have been no arrests.


About the Author:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.