How to call Coast Guard to be rescued

A street is covered with water after being inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey on Sunday in Houston (Scott Olson/Getty Images). (Getty Images)

HOUSTON – The U.S. Coast Guard officials have provided a list of numbers to call for help after receiving a high level of calls for assistance.

The National Weather Service and Harris County officials are urging people to get onto the roof instead of climbing into the attic if there is rising water, then call 911 or the Coast Guard at 281-464-4851, but only if you are in a life-threatening situation.

Officials asked to not contact first responders through social media. If you feel your life is in danger, you can call one of the numbers below:

-- 281-464-4851

-- 281-464-4852

-- 281-464-4853

-- 281-464-4854

-- 281-464-4855

While on the roof, wave a towel or sheet to be noticed from the air.

Five Coast Guard  helicopters are conducting rescues in the Houston area.

The Coast Guard said more than 300 requests for urban search and rescue have been received by its Sector Houston Command Center.

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