Rare pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana waterway

Albino dolphin was first seen in 2007

PHOTO CREDIT: Bridget A. Boudreaux (Bridget A. Boudreaux)

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana – Dolphin sightings generally evoke feelings of joy and squeals of delight from their human admirers. So imagine how you would feel if you saw a pink dolphin! Some lucky people have seen (at least) one in a Louisiana waterway.

The first sighting of the rare albino dolphin was in 2007 in the Calcasieu Ship Channel in Cameron. The pink dolphin, nicknamed "Pinky" by locals, has been seen many times since then; but only a half-dozen or so have been caught on camera.

The latest sighting was on Saturday in the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Hackberry, not far from the Texas-Louisiana border.

Bridget A. Boudreaux sent a picture to KPLC, our NBC affiliate in Lake Charles.

But there is a new twist in the "Pinky" mystery: Boudreaux said she saw two pink dolphins!

Boudreaux sent KPLC a photo of one of the dolphins. She said the other pink dolphin had vanished before she could grab her camera.

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