Houston Newsmakers Aug. 6: Back to school best practices, facts about immunization

HOUSTON – As hundreds of thousands of students prepare to head back to school, Children at Risk has announced its list of quality schools in the region.

Mandi Kimball is the director of public policy for Children at Risk and says providing the list is just one way to help parents make educated decisions about their children's education.

“We look at the public school system, kindergarten through 12th grade and how are they perform,” she said.  “And we provide resources, grades actually, A through F on how a school overall is performing.” 

Kimball is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and talks how many schools in the region received C’s, D’s and F’s and what that means.


Carol Shattuck is the president and CEO of Collaborative for Children, an organization that devotes its attention to and advocates for quality early childhood education. Shattuck says the “Find Child Care” section of their website is a perfect way to gain valuable knowledge.

Houston Newsmakers: Children at Risk provides parents education decision

“Collaborative for Children has an excellent database on all of the early childhood options, from childcare, to head start, to public pre-K,” Shattuck said. “You can just go online and do a search and find out what are the options available to you based on the criteria that you set.”

The value of early education and cost of making it happen and much more cam be learned on this week’s “Houston Newsmakers.”   


Learn about the shocking increase in the number of parents opting out of vaccinations for their children and the angst it’s causing health professionals.

Rekha Lakshmanan is the director of advocacy and public policy for the Immunization Partnership.

Houston Newsmakers: Advocates for children immunization 

“If you have more and more children, for example, who are not vaccinated, and they’re clustering in a particular area, that safety net, that community immunity as we call it, starts to break down and we open ourselves potentially for an outbreak,” Lakshmanan said. “This is why Texas may be primed for a disease outbreak, and what can be done about it.”

“Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall” airs every Sunday at 10 a.m. right, after “Meet the Press.”

• Carol Shattuck, president and CEO of Collaborative for Children, 713-600-1100, www.collabforchildren.org Twitter: @Collab4children

• Mandi Kimball, dir. public policy and government affairs, Children at Risk, 713-869-7740, www.childrenatrisk.org, Twitter: @childrenatrisk

• Rekha Lakshmanan, director of advocacy and public policy, The Immunization Partnership, 281-400-3689 www.immunizationusa.org, Twitter: @Immunize_USA

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