Homeowners demand justice after burglars break into home, kill dog

HOUSTON – Surveillance video captured Monday afternoon showed four men accused of breaking into a family’s home and killing their dog running away on Valley Palms Drive in the Spring area.

The homeowners said the four men got into their backyard fence, broke into their home and shot their bully named “Lady,” to death. 

[WATCH: Video released of men who broke into home, kill dog]

"Just broke down. Heartbreaking. Having to come home and see our house,” said a homeowner who asked, for their safety, that we not reveal their identity.

The owners said the thieves stole about $35,000 in clothing, including dozens of valuable “Jordans.”

"They took every piece of clothes that I had hanging in my closet and my wife's clothes. Every piece of shoes," The homeowner said.

Surveillance video showed the men carrying suitcases out the back of the house. The camera at the front door showed the foursome carrying bags full of stuff and a skateboard out while wearing rubber gloves.   

The homeowners said the four did not hurt either of the family’s other two dogs or their pet monkey.

The family said it would pay a $5,000 reward to help find the thieves.

"They pretty much ransacked my whole house,” The owner said. “Stole every pair of shoes that (I), my wife and my daughter been saving. We had pairs that you can't even get back today."

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft.