JJ Watt: Arnold Schwarzenegger will attend softball charity event

HOUSTON – The Texans' offense and defense will go head-to-head on Saturday for JJ Watt's fifth annual charity softball game.

Aside from the Texans, fans can expect a star-studded evening at Minute Maid Park. On Monday afternoon at the Texans charity golf classic, Watt announced another big name who is to join his special night.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger will be coming to the game; he’s going to be out there. I’m working on some logistics. I have something really cool in mind for him so I’m trying to see if we can do it,” he said.

Schwarzenegger and Watt share in their passion for giving back to kids.

“He has this thing called After School All-Stars, which is very similar to what we do with my foundation,” Watt said.

He said that something special he has in mind for the 69-year-old Schwarzenegger, a former body builder, governor of California and movie star, is not throwing out the first pitch.

“He’s a bodybuilder, not a pitcher. He will be involved and will talk to the crowd. We’re going to have him, I think, just speak on after-school athletics because he has so much experience with it,” Watt said.