Greenwood's family reacts to release of suspect's name

HOUSTON – The family members of the deputy who was killed in last week's deadly ambush said they're breathing a sigh of relief after learning the identity of the man accused of killing Clint Greenwood.

"I'm glad he's dead so he doesn't do harm to anybody else," said Andrew Smith, Greenwood's nephew. "He's a coward. It was a senseless act. There's no excuse for what he did and now he took the easy way out."

Lt. Steve Dorris, of Baytown Police Department, announced Monday morning that the suspected killer has been identified as 64-year-old William Kenny.  Investigator said Kenny killed himself outside near Ben Taub Hospital about 24 hours after shooting Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood.

"That's just the cowardly way to go. Shoot somebody else and commit suicide. That's just not right," said Smith, who watched the new conference while at work.

Colleagues of Greenwood, from the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable's Office, also watched the new developments.

"We are extremely grateful that the man responsible for the senseless killing has been identified," said Deputy Landon McDonald. "I know that when it was released, we were all gathered around. We were hugging each other and as soon as it was announced, I could hear Greenwood's voice in the back of my head saying, 'All right, get back to work,' which is what he would have wanted."

McDonald said he promises to Greenwood's family that the office and future officers will not forget Greenwood and his work.

"He will never be forgotten and I hope we can do our part just,” said McDonald. "We want to make sure that Clint Geenwood's legacy will forever be remembered and never be replaced. This is a man who we lost way too soon. He was doing so many great things for this department that we hope to keep living that on."