9-year-old girl calls for help as parent overdoses while driving

'Grandma, I'm going to die," girl says

QUEENSGATE, Ohio – A 9-year-old girl Ohio girl rescued her parents from a deadly situation, but had to find a way to save her own life first, police said.

The girl was riding in a car with her parents, Paula Smith and Charles Dove, when she realized that her father was passed out from a heroin overdose in the passenger's seat. Her mother, who was also overdosing, was in and out of consciousness as she drove.

The girl called her grandmother.

"She was very frantic, scared, crying, screaming, 'Grandma, I'm going to die,'" Anna Dove said.

Smith was able to pull the car into an auto service parking lot while Dove called 911.

Dispatchers told Dove to have her granddaughter call 911, and police were able to track the phone that the girl was using.

First responders revived both parents using Narcan.

Charles Dove is charged with three counts of theft and one count of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

Smith is charged with endangering a child, possession of an open flask and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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