Housekeeper accused of breaking into home, stealing heirloom ring

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – A housekeeper was fired after allegedly breaking into a customer's home and stealing an heirloom ring.

It happened Feb. 15 in the 100 block of Stoney Lake Drive. Police said the homeowner received a notification from his alarm company about an entry into his home followed by his alarm being disabled.

The police department responded because they said no one was supposed to be inside his home.

The homeowner said he watched as a woman entered his home, but when officers arrived they said they didn't find the woman or any signs of burglary.

When the homeowner returned, he noticed his wife's heirloom ring had been stolen.

When asked, the homeowner's housekeeping company said they spoke with their workers, and everyone denied going to the home that day.

The homeowner said he provided a photo of the woman who entered the residence to the company, which admitted the woman was an employee.

The housekeeping company said it fired the employee, but the ring has not been returned.

So far, there has been no word on any charges.