Click2Daily: Vocational Center at Fort Bend County Jail teaches inmates usable skills

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RICHMOND, Texas – Michael Antol has been in the Fort Bend County jail for 14 months on a drug charge.

Instead of sitting in his jail cell every day, the Sheriff’s Office allows Antol and other inmates to take classes.

This month they’re learning how to weld.

“It gives us the opportunity and the skills of the welding class so I think it’s a great opportunity for us inmates,” Antol said.

Right now, a group of men are going through a 10-week welding certification program. It was something Sheriff Troy Nehls wanted to start in Fort Bend County shortly after he took office in 2013.

“I said, ‘Let’s do something about educating them,’” he told KPRC. “Let’s get them something to do to keep them motivated and keep them focused forward.”

Not all inmates are eligible.

Nehls says there is a vetting and application process.