What new moms need to know about hair loss

Expert weighs in on everything new moms need to know, from hair care to hormones

As a parent, there are a lot of moments that make you panic, from the first fever, to the first fall. Babies make new parents worry. However, new moms in particular, experience hair loss for a completely different reason than worry. 

Dr. Pamela Berens, of Children's Memorial Hermann, explained, “It will grow back, it is not going to be a permanent problem. … It's a noticeable amount of hair loss, but it really is a normal response to hormones.”

When a woman is pregnant, her hormone levels increase. She may even get a compliment or two about your luxurious locks.

Berens said, “Lots of time during pregnancy, women are very pleased with their hair.”

But after delivery, hormones return to normal levels, which can trigger hair loss up to three to four months after giving birth.

The issue affects between 40 to 50 percent of women, but like most changes during pregnancy, it's temporary.

Berens said, “It's not going to be permanent. It's going to start to grow back in together, but a lot of women need reassurance because it is often impressive.”

So what can you do to help with hair loss? Talk to your doctor to balance hormones, and ask about vitamin supplements. When it comes to your actual hair, avoid hair styles that can pull or stress your hair. Also, use blow dryers or heat styling tools on the cool setting.