Click2Daily: Buffalo Bayou Park grows into Houston gem

HOUSTON – If you have been along the Buffalo Bayou between Shepherd Drive and Sabine Street recently, you've seen the millions of dollars in improved lighting, trails and exhibits.

The entire area maintained by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership spans 10 miles along the bayou.

Soon, it will expand east of downtown Houston.

"So, it's a plan that we'll be looking to link the neighborhoods north and south to the bayou. And to work on many things. Housing, transportation and economic development. So it'll be more than just looking at the waterfront," president Anne Olson said.

This spring, the partnership plans to hire a consultant to help guide them through their next expansion east.

[PHOTOS: Buffalo Bayou Park grows into Houston gem]

The Cistern is one of the most recent additions to the partnership.

It is a giant, underground water storage tank that was opened to the public last May.

A new art installation by Magdalena Fernandez combines water in the Cistern with lights and sound.

It covers 87,500 square feet or 2 acres.

"Everything you see inside the Cistern was created by humans. They made the little piece. They created all of the little dots and lines to configure what looks like a very abstract rainstorm as well as the sounds. It was all created by body percussion," Stephanie Kiouses said.

The art extends beyond the Cistern and along the Bayou.

There are words like "Explore" and "Listen."

"They are oversized words of things that you would do along a park. The series is called 'Monumental Moments,'" Trudi Smith of the partnership said.

For more about the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, click here.

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Posted by KPRC2 Ryan Korsgard on Monday, February 6, 2017

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