Texans fans show support in Boston

HOUSTON – Texans fans made their presence known in downtown Boston ahead of the big showdown between the Houston Texans and New England Patriots.

“We want to take them down and I’m (going to) check this off my bucket list. We’re coming to see a game at Gillette Stadium,” Texans fan Michelle Parrish said.

Taking the Patriots down was the one thing on their minds.

“We’re (going to) bring home the win. That’s all there is to it. We’re (going to) bring home the win,” Parrish said.

Wearing their red, white and blue, fans rallied at a local restaurant the night before the game.

“Of course everybody says we’re not (going to) win but we don’t believe that,” Stacey Lewis, another Texans fan, said.

“We’re feeling good about the game. No. 1 defense in the league. I think we got a shot,” Brycie Parnham said.

But not a big surprise, everyone there didn’t share the same sentiment.

“It’s all about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They got it going on. Nobody’s going to beat them. All the way. Super Bowl. Super Bowl all the way,” a Boston resident said.

Brady figures to be the pivotal player Patriots on Sunday night, fans said.

“We just got to control the football, no turnovers and a lot of defense. We got to rattle Tom Brady,” Albert “Big Al” Herrald said.

“We’re (going to) stop Tom Brady. That's all we got to do. They got nothing else. That’s all they got going for them is Tom Brady,” Parrish said.

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