Houston family says celebratory gunfire hit home on New Year's Eve

HOUSTON – Greta Wiltz, 82, washes dishes in her kitchen, while standing in the exact spot where a bullet went sailing past her on New Years's Eve and somehow missed everyone inside.

“It sounded like a war zone. That's the expression I would use. It sounded like a war zone,” Wiltz said.

Wiltz said she was at home with her wheelchair bound daughter, who suffers from epilepsy and diabetes, when that bullet suddenly smashed right through her living room window, traveled through the middle of the room, hit a picture of Barrack Obama on the back wall, went through that wall and sailed past the stove and finally landed in the kitchen wall, next to her sink.

"They could have been killed. They could have been killed. Bullets don't have radar. You shoot a bullet; it can go anywhere,” said Wiltz’s daughter, Nicole Roger.

If Wiltz or her daughter, had been cooking at the stove or washing dishes in the kitchen during the shooting, they could have died, a family member said.  

“The fact that they have to dodge bullets in their own safe haven -- it's outrageous,” Roger said.

Wiltz, a retired nurse thinks it is miraculous no one was hurt by that bullet.

She says anyone who fires a gun on New Year’s Eve is crazy to celebrate with a firearm.

“Someone’s going to get hurt. This needs to be dealt with now. It's just too dangerous,” she said.