US Fish and Wildlife discovers first ocelot den in 20 years

Less than 100 ocelots left in US

CAMERON COUNTY, Texas – U.S. Fish and Wildlife biologists have discovered the first ocelot den in 20 years at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Several ocelot females had kittens that were captured on remote cameras, which were strategically placed where ocelots live. One of the female cats led officials back to the den, where a male kitten was found.

The new arrivals are considered a hopeful sign for the dwindling ocelot population. That’s why they’re considered endangered.

Less than 100 ocelots are left in the U.S. and most of them are in the Rio Grande Valley.

In November, KSAT 12’s Jessie Degollado first reported on a story about the efforts of U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Texas Department of Transportation to protect the elusive ocelots.

Underpasses are being built to help the animals avoid being hit by vehicles while crossing the street.