Crooks use device to silently break into cars in Rosenberg, police say

ROSENBERG, Texas – The home surveillance video shows a sophisticated car break-in that happened in the Summer Lakes subdivision of Rosenberg.

It's happened more than once.

In the video, you can see a man walking up to an SUV, and seconds later, he's inside.

Kevin Elder, who lives in the subdivision being targeted said, "That gets my attention, my undivided attention right away that it can happen that quick."

But it's how the crime was carried out that has many residents worried.

According to Rosenberg police, there isn't any forced entry into the cars.

Instead, it appears the suspect is using some sort of reprogrammable remote or key fob.

Kevin said, "Usually the crook's technology is ahead of what's available for the public, so yeah, it's pretty concerning."

The high-tech crime tool is allowing thieves to unlock vehicles and even disarm the alarm system so they can easily get in and look for valuables.

Kimberly Elder said, "I mean what else can we do, you know? We can't get all of our cars in the garage."

Now, worried residents are spreading the word about the crime to others and warning them to be on the lookout until police catch the thief.

"Sticking together as a community. Maybe that's the best we can do now until we find a way to deter the people who are doing this," said Kimberly.

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