'Walking Dead' bat confiscated from passenger at airport


ATLANTA – You know someone is a big "Walking Dead" fan when they carry around Lucille the bat.

Transportation Security Administration workers in Atlanta confiscated a bat similar to what Negan, a character in the hit AMC show "Walking Dead," uses to threaten and kill people, and which he named Lucille.

"Lucille is thirsty. She is a vampire bat," Negan said in one of the episodes.

For those of you who have not caught up with this season, stop reading. This is definitely a spoiler alert. And for those of you who are not familiar with the show, Negan is a villain who used a bat wrapped with barbed wire to kill two of the show's characters.

TSA confiscated the barbed wire-wrapped bat last week from a passenger, and TSA spokesman Mark Howell shared a photo on Twitter of one of its officers holding the bat with the caption:

"@WalkingDead_AMC fans will understand why @TSA wouldn't want this onboard a plane. When flying, be sure to put 'Lucille' in a checked bag!"

According to TSA, the barbed wire on the bat was actually rubber and the blood was fake.

"Baseball bats are prohibited from carry-on bags and must be packed in checked luggage. We're just glad Lucille wasn't thirsty."