'David's Law' targets cyberbullying

AUSTIN, Texas – Dozens gathered at the Texas Capitol Monday to support "David's Law," a newly proposed bill designed to combat cyberbullying.

"They harassed him, they threatened him and took him to a point where he felt there was no more hope," said Matt Molak, who lost his 16-year-old son David to suicide in January.

After their son died, Matt and Maureen Molak wanted his legacy to live on. They created David's Legacy Foundation and teamed up with lawmakers to make change in Texas.

State Sen. Jose Menendez of San Antonio is one of those lawmakers and a sponsor of David's Law.

"I think this is an epidemic, a nationwide epidemic. I'm sick and tired of young people committing suicide," said Menendez.

David's Law was designed to prevent and combat bullying in schools through several measures, like requiring school districts to develop a system to anonymously report bullying and threats. The bill also makes it a misdemeanor to electronically harass or bully anyone under the age of 18.

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