Mother upset about 'responsibility room' at son's school

YPSILANTI, Mich. – A Michigan mother is raising questions about a room at her son’s school that is called the ‘responsibility room,’ but she says being in the room is like being in solitary confinement.

Danielle Galarneau said she felt numb seeing the room where her 6-year-old son spent time in after he displayed bad behavior during class.

"He told me that he felt like he was in jail,” Galarneau said “I don't know how he knows that, but those were his words."

The school said the room, which is approximately 7 feet by 13 feet and has no windows or a place to sit, is used to keep children safe adding that children are never locked in the room.

Superintendent of Lincoln Consolidates Schools, Sean McNatt, said they have had the room for a while, but now the usage of the room will go under review.

"When are we using this room compared to other options?" asked McNatt.

Galarneau said she was never contacted about her son’s behavior and she never gave permission to the school to put him in the room.

McNatt later released this statement regarding the usage of the room at the school and the concerns of the mother:

“I am in the process of investigating an incident reported by a parent regarding the protocols surrounding discipline procedures. A meeting was scheduled with the parent which they have since canceled. I will be reaching out to that parent to open the dialog necessary to discover all of the pertinent information. 

Although we believe protocols are always followed, I’ve instructed the building principal to review the procedures with the entire staff to ensure compliance and insure the continued safety of students and staff.”

Galarneau said she has come up with a behavior plan with her son to use both at home and at school so her son won't be placed inside the room again. 

This story comes from our sister station WDIV.

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