Body language expert on Burke Ramsey interview

There are few cases as mysterious as the unsolved slaying of Jonbenet Ramsey in 1996, and her brother is speaking out for the first time in 20 years in an interview with Dr. Phil.

When asked why he hadn’t commented on the investigation in the past two decades, Burke Ramsey said he wanted to stay out of the public eye.

Jonbenet Ramsey was 6-years-old and Burke Ramsey was 9-years-old living in Colorado at the time of Jonbenet's death. 

"I was pretty skeptical of any type of media. Like it just made me a very private person,” Ramsey said. “As to why I'm doing it now? It's the 20th anniversary and there's a lot of attention around it."

In the interview with Dr. Phil, Ramsey denied killing his sister in 1996.

Behavioral expert Jan Hargrave observed Ramsey’s body language during a portion of his interview and pointed to what she described as a forced smile as a sign of anxiety.

"He's thinking that if I do this pleasantness they will like me, but I think it's really a facade for anxiety that he is feeling deeply inside,” Hargrave said, although she noted that the pressure of a high-profile interview alone could make someone nervous.

Hargrave said there are some general signs to look for when a person is being deceitful, but noted that she wasn’t implying whether Ramsey was lying in the interview or not.

"When someone is deceptive the eyes will go to the right because you're trying to construct some kind of information with your right brain. So when someone lies, typically the eyes will go to the right. When someone is telling the truth and looking for information that has already been stored in their mind, the eyes will go to the left."