Houston-area swimmer Simone Manuel grateful for hometown support

(NBC Olympics)

RIO DE JANEIRO – Houston-area swimmer Simone Manuel is making her mark on the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

After punching her tickets to the games, the Sugarland native and all-star swimmer won her heat in the women’s 100-meter freestyle and is now advancing to the semifinal.

Her mom Sharron Manuel is beaming with pride.


“It’s exciting. It’s really exciting. The 100 freestyle is very competitive as with all the races but I knew that it would be tough coming in here to see her perform and give all her best is all we could ask,” Sharron Manuel said.

The swimmer says it’s an honor to represent her hometown and her country in the 2016 Summer Games. Simone and her mom are humbled by all the backing they’ve been getting from everyone at home.

“Thanks for all of your support. I love all the well wishes and good luck. It really means a lot to me to have y'all behind me,” Simone Manuel said. “We've had support from so many friends family members church members just supporting in so many different ways that we can't ever repay them and I just want to say we are forever grateful,” Sharron Manuel said.

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