Man spends 10 days at airport waiting for woman he met online

Alexander Pieter Cirk/CCTV News

Have you ever been stood up for a date? How about for 10 days? Cruel, right? A man who went looking for love online ended up spending 10 days waiting for a woman at a Chinese airport.

Alexander Pieter Cirk met a woman on a dating app. Cirk lives in Holland and the woman, identified by her surname as Zhang, lives in China.

Cirk was apparently frustrated with the long-distance relationship, so he decided to prove his love by applying for a visa and flying 5,000 miles to see Zhang. However, that plan didn't quite work out they way he wanted.

Before Cirk left on July 17, he sent Zhang a photo of his flight information. But when he landed in Changsha, she was nowhere in sight, according to NBC News.

Cirk was convinced she would come, so he waited at the terminal for 10 days.

Photos of him around the Changsha Huanghua International Airport started spreading on social media.

After 10 days, authorities took Cirk to a hospital for treatment.

"We contacted him and his doctor when he was in the hospital, and of course we've asked if he needed our assistance, but he declined the offer," a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs told NBC News.

CCTV reported that a local TV station tracked down Zhang. She told reporters that she was surprised that her online boyfriend had been waiting for her. She claimed she thought Cirk was joking about flying to China.

Zhang said she wants to keep her long-distance relationship with Cirk.

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