Woman wearing bikini rescued on highway by trooper

The Nevada Highway Patrol released video of a trooper making a heroic effort to save a woman who was walking along a busy highway wearing only a bikini.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Dave Becker responded to a 911 call of a pedestrian in the median. When he arrived to the scene, he found a woman who appeared disoriented wearing only a bikini. Becker tried to reason with her before she ran away.

"Next thing I know she won't say a word to me and she just takes off down the travel lane, so I took off running with her," Becker said.

The bikini-clad woman ran into traffic. Becker grabbed her hair before a red car barreled toward her.

Nevada Highway Patrol said if it wasn't for Becker's quick reaction and willingness to risk his own safety, she would have be hit by oncoming traffic.

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