Baylor College of Medicine takes new approach to testosterone treatment

Doctors prescribing for both men and women

HOUSTON – Testosterone treatment is available in gel form patches and now pellets and becoming more popular than ever.

Doctors say the hormone can help patients not only with sexual dysfunction but also a whole host of symptoms

At Baylor College of Medicine, they are taking a dual approach by treating by men and women.

"Sexual dysfunction is a couple's disease. You can't treat one partner without treating the other," said Dr. Mohit Khera.

Dysfunction can be an indicator of something else on the horizon, with roughly 15 percent having a heart attack or a stroke within seven years.

Testosterone used to treat men’s energy and libido is becoming more common, but Kehra also puts women right in the middle of that treatment.

It’s why he has Irvin Levy and Levy's girlfriend take it.

"Erectile dysfunction is not the reason I got into it. The reason I got into it was because of ortho surgery," said Levy, who says now he has more energy, can sleep better and has less stress.

His girlfriend, Gayle, said she’s had similar results.

Khera recommends discussing testosterone treatments with your doctor, but said it is not a solution of everyone.  There are major risks if young men use it without proper guidance.