Daily Craig: Take a breather

Here's the good news. The Astros don't play today or tonight. The team picked to win the World Series is trying real hard not to spend the rest of the season in last place in the AL West. They were briefly one half game ahead of the Angels but losing 3 of 4 in Boston took care of that. Under normal conditions, scoring 9 is enough unless the other guys are the BOSOX. They are non-stop in the hitting department with a team average of almost .300.  The Astros have Jose above .300 and that is it.  Permit me to ask a rather rude question. Why is Carlos Gomez still in the big leagues let alone a starter? He didn't give A.J. a birthday hug yesterday either.

Rooting for teams that torment is in my blood. I grew up a Cubs fan. That should tell you all you need to know. Plus, I don't have brains enough to root for them now. One game I RECALL IN THE 70'S had the Padres beating my guys 5-4. San Diego had 6 errors and still beat the Cubs. I was once a fan of Hank Sauer and Bob Rush. I saw Adolpho Phillips misplay a 2 hopper into a triple. My mother once claimed Cubs catcher Clyde McCullough was my baby sitter. It isn't easy being a life-long baseball sufferer.