Texas real estate agent uses crafty Trump flyer to drum up business

Michelle Blackwell/Facebook
Michelle Blackwell/Facebook

ODESSA, Texas – A Texas real estate agent is getting a lot of attention for her marketing tactics.

Michelle Blackwell, of Heritage Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty, created a flyer that targets Donald Trump critics that says:

"Leaving the country if Trump is elected PRESIDENT? Give me a call and LET'S GET YOUR HOME SOLD!!"

Blackwell posted the flyer on Facebook on May 9 and since then, it has been shared more than 43,000 times with nearly 1,500 comments.

"Call me today and I will take care of you!!" the Facebook caption said.

Many people who commented on the post thought it was clever marketing.

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"This is the best marketing ever," Douglas Scyphers wrote.

"From one Realtor to another...that is awesome! Hilarious," Brian Russell wrote.

"Let's see how many people are going to actually follow through," Kynn Tribble said.

"You ma'am, have one the Internet," Steve Saunier wrote.

People across the country threatened, some jokingly, to leave the U.S. for Canada if Trump were to become president after his big Super Tuesday win. Even Canada's immigration website experienced delays.

There's no word if Blackwell has received any calls as a result of the flyer.

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