Ghost of doctor caught on camera at hospital in Honduras


HONDURAS – Do you believe in ghosts? This 35-second clip could change your mind.

Many suspect the video — taken at the School Hospital Universitario in Honduras — shows the ghost of a doctor who committed suicide.

The alleged ghost doctor is seen peaking at the camera person from behind a door frame before stepping out into full view. On initial glance, the beige figure looks like an older man walking into the hospital’s hallway. Once the figure steps past a row of gurneys lining the hall, it’s clear the man is just a head and transparent torso before he fades away.

Besides playing peak-a-boo in the hallways, this chilling figure also flicks light switches in patient’s rooms.

The clip was originally posted on a Honduran Facebook page, La Ortra Dimension, and has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.