UNC to take on Villanova for national championship title

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HOUSTON – There is tons of excitement rolling over from the weekend ahead of Monday night's big matchup. UNC will take on Villanova at NRG Stadium.

Fans from all over are coming to Houston to watch their teams fight for first place.

"Woo, V's UP, Go Villanova!" one fan yelled.

Fans were outside NRG Stadium, getting pumped up and ready for the final four championship game.

Fans started lining up as early as 3 a.m. Monday outside House of Blues in downtown Houston to get a seat inside for ESPN's "Mike and Mike" live broadcast.

North Carolina and Villanova will hit the hardwood at NRG Stadium at 8:19 p.m. Monday for the men's national title.

Villanova is coming off a huge win against Oklahoma, 95-51, the largest point spread in semifinal history. Villanova is known for its three-point shooting.

North Carolina will also be tough to beat. UNC's defense has been stopping teams and its offense has been closing out games.

"We decided we knew we had to come so here we are we are really pumped to be here!" John McClung, who traveled from Pennsylvania said.

"V's up, let's go Nova, Go CATS!! LET'S GO CATS!! " other fans walking by said.

UNC fans were just as pumped up and ready to go for the game.

At last check, tickets were still available. Find ticket information here.

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