Daily Craig: Nothing but net

I HOPE you survived Thursday or as we have called it for years THE DAY OF THE GYM. With the advent of social media it was easy to figure which of your buddies had either pulled one out of mid air or had Baylor and Purdue in their SWEET 16.  I really was looking forward to Baylor playing Oregon. Both teams wear glow in the dark unnies. In case of a power failure they wouldn't have to stop the game. Our state started with 5 teams and now it is 3.  I favor a Northern Iowa win over Texas so maybe the number is just 1 after today and tonight.

If the AGGIES are the Lone survivor we should tell old SHELBY METCALF stories. His Aggies were the last ones to do much of anything in this tourney. Shelby once had a star flunk out of school in mid season. The kid had 3 F'S and 1 D.  Metcalf said it was obvious his  player spent too much time on one subject. As for Yale winning their 1st ever NCAA tourney game? That is great news for a dear friend who graduated from Yale. Of course, with the win the Doc of whom I speak will probably raise his office visit prices. I can accuse him now of graduating from a basketball factory.

16 GAMES yesterday and they will do it again today. All designed to have 4 lucky outfits making it to our fair city the first few days of April. I should remind long time fans we are due a really good championship game as our fair city got one of the worst the last time the big game was played here. LOOK IT UP AND YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT.  I gotta see if the coach at LITTLE ROCK is glad he took the job to get  out of SAN ANGELO.