Man shot, killed in robbery at north Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON – A man was shot and killed during a robbery at an apartment complex in north Houston.

Police responded around 4:10 a.m. Saturday to the 300 block of Sunnyside Street.

Family members identified the victim as Daniel Trevino, 32. He was staying with his sister and her husband after a night out. Officers said five gunmen with their faces covered were seen walking around the apartment complex, looking for a target.

"He was breathing off and on, and then he just stopped," Trevino's sister Emily Torrez said. "I just saw the blood everywhere."

Family members said Trevinto was upstairs in the apartment when his brother-in-law was approached by a group of armed men who tried to rob him. When he heard his sister scream, Trevino ran down to try and protect her.

"They threw me to the ground and they chased Daniel," Torrez said. "They were running everywhere and shooting at us. I ran trying to get into my car. They ran into the apartment and we heard 'boom, boom' and my brother got shot."

Another brother-in-law was inside his room in the apartment. When he heard the gunshots outside, he opened his door and found Trevino shot and bleeding.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Houston Police Department.