Gym geared toward autistic children set to open in Cypress

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CYPRESS, Texas – A brand new kind of gym opens in Cypress on Saturday -- a sensory gym geared towards people with autism.

The gym is called We Rock the Spectrum. All features of this gym help strengthen the skills that don't come naturally for kids with autism.

From the zip line that enhances the ability to tolerate movement to the cozy hideout of the play tunnel.

Mothers like Dina Kimmel say this was just the playtime her son with autism needed to learn socialization.

"This equipment behind us, normally used in an occupational therapy clinic, its $150 an hour," Kimmel said. "We charge $12 here so my son when he comes in here and plays, when he started on this equipment he began sleeping he begin eating better started interacting with his sister."

Kimmel took the gym to 40 locations nationwide-- this is the first in Texas.

It's a place for kids with and without autism to play together.

"Inclusion is what We Rock is about," Kimmel said.

Parents can unapologetically let them be themselves.

"This is a wide open hug to all parents, but the new diagnosed children, we want you here. We want to give you a home. Our motto is, ‘Finally a place you never have to say I'm sorry.'"

Which takes the pressure off caregivers and adds a kind of pressure that makes the autistic more comfortable.

"We have a zip line which is fun for all kids but for my son having autism, having that hanging sensation against joint compression that relaxes his body," Kimmel said.

The gym is located at 12916 Malcomson Road and is open seven days a week form 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The gym may be closed some weekends for private events so people interested in going can call .832-761-0337

The grand opening is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Families can come explore the gym with food, face painting and raffle prizes.

The grand opening will benefit the nonprofit group My Brother Rocks the Spectrum, which helps underprivileged families also visit the gym.