Parents want son's case reconsidered after officer considered justified in shooting

Jonathan Santellana, 17, killed by off-duty officer

NAVASOTA, Texas – Jonathan Santellana, 17, was killed by an off-duty Navasota police officer and now Santellana's parents are asking a grand jury to reconsider the case after the officer involved was 'no billed,' or considered justified.

"One new thing is we have: an expert shooting reconstructionist put together the facts," said attorney Randall Kallinen. "And that expert concluded that at the time of the shooting that Ray Garza was not in danger."

The shooting happened in 2013 at the Villages of Copperfield apartments. At the time, Garza said the teen was acting suspicious, and when he tried to talk to Santellana, the teen took off, pinning the officer between two cars.

But that's not how Kallinen said things went down, and Monday morning he took a packet of information with new details to the grand jury so it can consider possibly hearing the case again.

The attorney said Santellana and a female in the car thought they were getting robbed and tried to get away.

"So they put the car in reverse to back out of the parking spot, then put it in drive to drive away and then this individual shot (Santellana) in the back of the head and in the back, killing him," said Kallinen.

The parents of the 17-year-old said they want justice.

"We're not anti-police at all. I just feel like when there is an officer-involved shooting they get away with it," said the teen's father.

It's unclear right now if a grand jury will hear the case and if it does, how long the process will take.