Greater Church of Lucifer opens doors despite protests in Old Town Spring

SPRING, Texas – With rosary in hand and some even on their knees, more than 100 people lined an Old Town Spring street in protest.

Linda Lowery, protesting the opening of a new church said, "I come to take my stand. I come to pray against the enemy and were going to drive him out. He's not welcome and we will not stand idly by and do nothing."

The people here are upset about a new church that just opened in their community.

Not just any church though, but the greater church of Lucifer.

"I'm here to warn these people if they don't turn around, they will perish in hell and I care about their souls," protester Justin Schoelen said.

The church held its first meeting Friday night with a few dozen people all showing up to practice Lucifernisiam, despite the protest just outside.

"We are here peacefully and maintaining our rights to discuss our philosophies as we see appropriate," church co-president Michael W. Ford said. "We want to coexist, we have our own philosophy  that we go with and we're not out to convert people. So we're here to stay."

Members of the church plan to regularly meet regularly regardless of those who don't want them in their community.

But protesters like Lowery say they too aren't going anywhere until this church is out of their town.

And they hope the power of prayer is on their side.

"In the name of Jesus, we intend for them to pack up and move," Lowery said. "Go back to the hole you crawled out of, go back."

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