iPic Theaters promises luxury movie experience in River Oaks

HOUSTON – KPRC 2 has an exclusive look inside the much-anticipated iPic Theaters that promises to put movie-goers in the lap of luxury.

With things like cuddle pods and ninja waiters, it's definitely unlike any theater out there.

We've all heard about those first class seats on an airplane when you have a pod with leather seats. That's what you're going to get when you come out for a movie at iPic Theaters in the River Oaks District.

The giant auditoriums are not cramped and you'll get to cuddle up, if you chose, with your date and enjoy a movie and be treated like royalty.

"iPic is really taking an ordinary experience of going to the movies and turning it into something extraordinary," Hamid Hashemi, CEO of iPic Entertainment, said.

The premium plus pods, as they are called, can be yours and you can enjoy a warm personal experience with reclining seats, free popcorn and even a button to summon a ninja waiter, which is fancy term for a server for booze or food that will stay out of the way while the movie is playing.

"Each two seats are encapsulated into a pod. It gives you a since of privacy and we serve food while you're eating," Hashemi said. "You push this button and our ninja service will come and serve you, and again, this is all about having a great night out."

Before you step foot in the theater, you can sit down for dinner and cocktails at the Tuck Room for shareable plates or even bottle service with liquid nitrogen to put a little flare on your night out on the town.

So how much will this cost you? A regular leather premium seat is $16, and one of those pod seats will run you $28 per seat.

The iPic Theaters experience opens to the public on Nov. 6.