As Seen on TV: The Toucan can opener

HOUSTON – If you hate dealing with those hard-to-open pickle jars or hurting yourself with the old-fashioned can openers, you might be in luck!

Now you can do it without your hands! At lease that's what the product claims.

We checked it out in this week's As Seen On TV Tuesday.

The infomercials for these products can be extreme, aiming to draw you in, and sometimes they don't deliver what they promise.

In this case, the Toucan promises to be the world's easiest hands-free can opener.

Channel 2 Anchor Sara Donchey helped us test out the Toucan.

We gave it a few tries and realized we needed to re-read the directions and get an online tutorial.

But after a few tries, we did it!

The Toucan opened up the tin can without using our hands.

But then we tried a second can, and it didn't work. It got stuck on the lid several times.

It did, however, do a good job of loosening the top of hard to open jars and cans with a pull tab.

You can get the Toucan online for $20.00.