11 high school football players suspended for brawl between Spring, Westfield

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SPRING, Texas – Spring ISD announced multiple suspensions Monday for a brawl during a high school football game Friday night between Spring and Westfield at Leonard George Stadium.

The brawl involved coaches and players from both teams on the field.

Spring ISD Athletic Director Willie Amendola said it started when a Spring player reacted to a series of calls against him.

"One child got consecutive 15-yard penalties on two consecutive plays that heightened the aggravation. That's what motivated it," Amendola said.

On Monday, Spring ISD officials announced that six players from Westfield and five players from Spring High were suspended for a total of 18 games.

"We're taking this very seriously," said Amendola."It's not kids being kids. It's not acceptable. It's a teachable moment though."

Four Westfield players were suspended for two games and two players were suspended for one game.

One Spring player was suspended for three games, one player was suspended for two games and three players were suspended for one game.

The head coaches for both teams are also taking a self-imposed one-game suspension.

"They both take ownership of this," Amendola said.

There are only five games left in district play.

A witness said the police with the Spring ISD Police Department and referees broke up the fight.

The Spring ISD released the following statement Saturday, "The behavior displayed on the field does not represent our expectations for good sportsmanship and conduct."

No one was arrested as a result of the altercation.

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