Home burglars in southwest Houston caught on camera

HOUSTON – Surveillance cameras were rolling when two men broke into a home on S. Braeswood Boulevard in southwest Houston.

The burglars were in and out of the home quickly, stealing jewelry and one gun.

"These guys knew what they were doing," said J.P. Pritchard. "This leaves you feeling insecure in your own home when you're supposed to feel secure."

Pritchard is well known to Houston radio listeners as the voice of AM 1070 KNTH. He and his wife were headed out of town to visit family when they got the call from their alarm company that someone had broken into their home.

Pritchard wants his neighbors to know this happened so they can take precautions and secure their property. The break-in happened just before 1 p.m.

Pritchard is also hoping police catch the two suspects. Surveillance cameras did record the getaway car and license plate number, but it turned out to be stolen.

"It's very disturbing," he said. "You feel like you have to be armed in your own home during the day."

Pritchard said he and his wife have lived in the home since 1997.