As Seen on TV: The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

When you think of food in the microwave, you think popcorn or Hot Pockets... not exactly real meals you want to serve your family.

But the "As Seen in TV" Stone Wave Microwave Cooker claims it can make dozens of nutritious meals all in less than 5 minutes. It looks like a little soup crock, but it comes with a recipe book that walks you through how to prepare different dishes.

As a busy mom of twin toddlers, Leslie Herring told consumer expert Amy Davis that the promises made by the Stone Wave commercial caught her attention. 

"As soon as I saw you can microwave and make stuff that fast, I'm like 'oh yes, please!'" Herring said.

She bought her ceramic pot at Frye's for $7; and she got right to work showing us the dish she makes almost every morning: an egg omelet that takes 4 minutes in the microwave.

"It's way easier for me to throw something in the microwave while I'm getting their stuff ready for breakfast; and then I can actually sit down and eat with them," Herring explained.

The commercial on YouTube shows a lot of other options like baked apple pie, french onion soup and shrimp scampi.

Herring tried a chocolate souffle with our camera in her kitchen.

"It's good," she said. "If you added like whipped cream and fruit on the top, it'd be fantastic."

She gives the stone wave a thumbs up, with the only downside being the size. It really only cooks for one.

"If you wanted to do a meal for a whole family, you would either want to do it a couple times or get another one," said Herring.

At 7 bucks a pop, you could buy more Stone Wave cookers. The commercial says you can fit 4 in some microwaves at one time.

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