Bill Spencer

Investigative Reporter

Bill Spencer is an award-winning investigative reporter with almost 30 years experience uncovering what the powerful and the criminal try to hide.

Bill joined KPRC 2 News in May 2013, but before that he spent 16 years at WXYZ-TV in Detroit as Chief Consumer-Investigative Reporter and running "The Call Bill For Action Team," a tough consumer interest franchise that helped over 7,000 metro Detroiters every year, get their money back from crooked contractors, powerful utility companies, rip-off auto mechanics and basically anyone abusing consumers.

Bill also successfully helped hundreds of low-income families who lost their homes to fire, lost their jobs, lost their transportation and lost hope.

"One of my most memorable stories involved getting a local family, the Van Houtens, a brand new 16-passenger Ford Van, after Mrs. Van Houston gave birth to sextuplets. We presented it to her on live television and both she and her husband broke into tears," he said.

Bill has also anchored the news in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now Bill is bringing his feverish passion for investigative journalism to Houston.

"My mission here is to expose all those who are ripping people off, whether they are powerful politicians wasting or stealing our money, criminals who aim to scam us, or just heartless scum who are out to destroy people's lives," Bill says.

Bill has won 10 Emmy Awards, several Associated Press awards, and two years straight he won the award for best television news reporting by The Michigan Associated Press.

Bill is a former collegiate tennis player, who was ranked the #1 Tennis Player/ Men's 45 singles/ Southeastern Michigan for three years in a row.

He is married to his beautiful wife, Veronica, and they have -- as Bill puts it -- two "gorgeous little kitties" in Meemo and Bella.

If you know of any wrongdoing that Bill should investigate, please email Bill at You can also follow Bill on Facebook and Twitter.