Houston business bids to make rings for Super Bowl winners


HOUSTON – A company based in Houston is one of four bidding to create the championship rings for the winner of the Super Bowl.

Fred Cuellar is the CEO of Diamond Cutters International. His company is vying to be part of the make and design of the 2015 Super Bowl ring.

"My expertise in diamonds; I'm considered one of the best diamond experts in the world," Cuellar said. "So to get to design these little miniature trophies for these incredible athletes is such an incredible honor."

The rings made by Diamond Cutters International for the Super Bowl champions are valued at $50,000 apiece.

More than 120 rings would be made for the team, coaches and others involved with the organization.

Diamond Cutters International has designed four Super Bowl rings and has been involved in the process with more than a dozen rings.