Driver arrested after crashing SUV into home

HOUSTON – A Houston man said he thanked God that he and his family weren't hurt when a driver slammed into their home Friday morning.

"I was home in the back room, asleep, and heard a big crash," said Randolph West, who lives just off of Yale Street near West 38th Street.

Houston police said the driver destroyed a wall of West's home when he smashed a Suburban into the home. But he didn't stay there long.

"By the time I came to the front, [the driver] was already gone," said West.

According to police, the driver managed to reverse the car out of the wreckage and speed away from the scene of the crash.

Officers spotted the damaged SUV shortly after and arrested the man behind the wheel.

West said he has worked with the city of Houston in the past to figure out a way to prevent this kind of mishap. This is now the second time a driver has plowed through the front wall, leaving West to make significant repairs.