Father shot, killed at home in southeast Houston

HOUSTON – Homicide investigators were on the scene of a deadly shooting in southeast Houston Tuesday morning.

Police said Chester Edwards got into a heated argument with another man early Tuesday morning at his home on Panay near Westover. The argument ended with Edwards shot multiple times. He died before police arrived.

Edwards' wife and three daughters heard the gunshots. Their mother reacted quickly, piled the  three girls into their SUV and sped away.

The gunman and a waiting getaway driver fired several shots at the car, but fortunately missed those inside.

The victim's brother, Sean, spoke with Local 2.

"That was the worst thing people ever did. They took my only brother. I only have one brother. You didn't have to do it like that," Sean Edwards said.

Clarence Brooks is still trying to understand why someone would kill his best friend and then try to kill his family.

"He was a great dad, definitely a family-oriented man. I still can't believe this happened to him," he said. "Very emotional. I've known him since I was three."

Police aren't saying yet what the argument between Edwards and the shooter was about, only that certain demands were made.

Police say they are looking for a total of two suspects who left the scene in a silver Ford truck.