Man accused of chasing girlfriend, ramming vehicle while 5 kids inside

HOUSTON – A man is accused of chasing down his girlfriend and five children, then ramming her vehicle and trying to hook it up to his tow truck while the woman was trying to get away, according to Harris County Sheriff's deputies.

Daniel Rangel is charged with endangering a child.

Rangel's girlfriend said on Jan. 3, Rangel was driving recklessly behind her in his tow truck and caught up to her at a stop sign.

The woman said Rangel ran up to her vehicle and began pulling on her door, then started kicking and punching the vehicle when he could not get inside.

The woman said she drove off, and Rangel chased behind her, ramming her vehicle.  She said he also tried to hook her vehicle up to his tow truck as she drove away.

The woman managed to flee to a Shell gas station, where she called police.

Rangel was arrested and charged.