Man helps police detain chase suspect

HOUSTON – A police chase involving a stolen SUV came to a fiery end outside a truck accessory store off Tidwell Road and the North Freeway on Monday.

But in the chaos, one man saw his chance to help police catch an accused thief.

Witness Jonathan Box watched the drama unfold in front of the business. He had his chance to help police.

"I put it off like I was going to help him run past me. I threw my shoulder into him. He wasn't expecting it at full speed running. Luckily he went flying into the damage he had already caused and a cop was right behind me, jumped on him and put him the back of his cop car."

Once police got the guy in handcuffs, he was hauled away.

Firefighters quickly put out the burning SUV, but the damage is costly.

An employee's car was also damaged in the crash. No one else was hurt.