Back to school: HISD offers free lunches for students starting in 2014

HOUSTON – At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Houston ISD will implement an initiative to make sure every student gets lunch at school.  

"We are serving free lunch at 166 schools. Now, this is free to all students. This is a new program. It's part of the community eligibility provision that the USDA is making available to all schools in all states," said Nan Cramer, a community outreach dietician for HISD.

Parents don't need to sign up their children, as long as they attend a qualifying school. For a list of every school offering students a free lunch, click here.

Students can look forward to several new recipes on the menu. Those new meals include cheese tortellini, vegetable lasagna and empanadas.

On high school campuses, students will have the choice of grabbing a prepacked brown bag lunch if they don't want to wait in line.